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Anele Calls for Help! - Domestos World Toilet Day

It’s World Toilet Day and I’m sure that some of you may have seen the video that I recently shared online with Domestos. Making this video really brought home the reality of the school sanitation crisis for me.   

The truth is that more than 56% of South African schools currrently have inadequate sanitation and around 3800 schools are still using dangerous and unhygienic pit toilets.

The children of South Africa deserve the right to be safe when they use the toilet. They deserve the right to hygienic, clean toilet facilities that won’t potentially make them sick, forcing them to miss valuable school days.

Domestos are planning to renovate or build new toilets in 2 South African schools in 2019 and I want to make it three schools! In just one school, thousands of learners would benefit from all new, separate bathroom facilities for boys and girls.

Please help me to make this a reality. I have kicked off this campaign with R10 000 and Domestos has matched that number. Now we need you to help us reach our goal of R1.1 million. Your donation can be small or large, but every bit will help us reach our target and restore dignity to our children.

The YouTube Video is:
The Thunderfund page is: 

Last modified: February 15, 2019

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